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Sportscar Together Day

70 years Sportscar Together Day


Our 70 year anniversary event was an overwhelming success. Sportscar Together Today, was most certainly that.

We saw the anniversary as an opportunity, not only to celebrate with ‘Porsche people’ but to welcome Edmontonians from all walks of life, of all ages to become ‘Porsche people!’, and boy did we make that happen!


Set up began early so that we were ready rock when the main attraction, 46 Porsches arrived. As the hour approached a cascade of flawlessly tuned and detailed Porsches began to grace us with their presence and were meticulously parked, inch perfect, by our incredible team from the Porsche Club of America, Polar Region.  


Our shop had been cleaned by our techs and was immaculate, a red carpet rolled out and six legends of Porsche took pride of place, surrounded by an ‘honor guard’ of 70 years of classic Porsche Advertising (an unexpected highlight for our guests).


The six vehicles, generously loaned to us for the day, were the shine on the cherry, on the icing on the cake. A rare opportunity to see a stunning representation of what Porsche has achieved in 70 years, all in the same room; A white 1964 356C, a beautiful blue 1969 911S, a 1973 Carrera RS, a 1986 930 Turbo, and bringing us up to date a 2004 Carrera GT and a 2015 918 Spider. A spectacular and world class collection, which was appreciated by enthusiasts and laymen/women alike. 


There was a true and genuine look of gratification on the face of every guest on the day, the cars were of course appreciated, the entertainment in the shape of the Ginger Ninja, one of Canada’s premier ‘up-close’ magicians, our remote-control Porsche race track kept the kids (some bigger than others) entertained, it was just great.


Sports Car Together Day was a genuine joy to be part of and feel proud of.


A massive thank you to Blaire Wortley of Porsche Centre Edmonton and Arthur Potts from PCA, Polar Region for their incredible effort in making it all happen.


Stuart Bendall

Marketing Manager | Porsche Centre Edmonton

Date Posted: June 28, 2018