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Porsche Design Chronograph 911 Speedster

You can recount both contemporary history and Porsche history: with the 911 Speedster and the Chronograph 911 Speedster. Because both have been built according to the principles of a Porsche: with intensive development work, a lengthy testing programme and a great deal of attention to detail. In short: a tribute to every single second of Porsche history.

The watch’s ‘ignition lock’ is a winding rotor painted in black, modelled on the 911 Speedster wheel. In a nutshell: the winding motion is created by the sequentially distributed tungsten alloy. The rotor is authentically fastened by a central shutter featuring the Porsche Crest.
Once the movement is fully wound, you will hear the quiet yet vigorous sound of the motor inside the lightweight titanium case: the Porsche Design Manufaktur calibre, Werk 01.200 with flyback function, load path-optimised movement bridge and official COSC certification. The difference between a chronograph without flyback function? When timing consecutive events, the chronograph buttons have to be pressed three times: to stop, reset and restart the timing. In the Chronograph 911 Speedster, this event timing is automatically activated by a single press.

Shared embossing: the limited edition number on the back of the case is the same as that of your car. As elegant as it is sporty: the carbon dial. The graphics on the dial are of a similar design to the instrument cluster and rev counter of the 911 Speedster. Discreet ‘911 Speedster’ logo is positioned at 9 o’clock. Historic: the ‘70’ on the tachymeter scale – as a tribute to the Porsche anniversary.

The high-quality strap is made of the same leather used in the interior of the 911 Speedster. Likewise the thread and stitching. The leather strap can easily be changed using the self-changing system.
The 911 Speedster and its timepiece counterparts can exclusively be ordered in your Porsche Centre. Just as your car can be manufactured according to your individual wishes, the rotor of your watch can also be modelled on your choice of wheel. The car and watch are delivered together. The Porsche Chronograph 911 Speedster and Porsche Chronograph 911 Speedster in a heritage design are also strictly limited to 1,948 units, just like the 911 Speedster.

Date Posted: February 3, 2020