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New 911: Lighter than Ever Before

The 911 has always been on the forefront of advancement, and the upcoming generation is no different. Using evolved composite design, the 992 manages to cut weight off the body shell, while guaranteeing higher rigidity.

The Coupe and the Cabriolet contain an outer skin that is composed entirely of aluminum, as well as the doors, which effectively reduces the weight without compromising stability or quality. Steel bolts are reduced by instead using techniques such as welding and bonding. Friction welding- a state of the art metal bonding technique- involves a steel bolt being pressed though the aluminum at such a high speed, that the friction causes a particularly strong connection.

By hybridizing steel and aluminum, the 911s manage to cut weight by up to 7%, while still leaving behind all the sporty fun expected of the famous model.

Date Posted: June 5, 2019