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Blast From the Past: The Heritage Design Concept

The “Heritage Design Strategy” is the new, aptly named concept from Porsche Manufaktur and the Porsche Design department. The collaboration works to reinvent classic interiors of 911’s, dating all the way back to the 1950’s.

With the constant evolution of vehicle design and technology, Porsche is looking to combine the 911’s cutting edge performance with evocative interior styling to transport the passengers to simpler days.

Heritage Design spotlights special textures, colours, paintwork, and even smaller design elements to represent specific eras of 911’s. Corduroy, tartan, check, pepita and pasha patterns are slightly modernized, but kept in colour schemes representative of iconic designs.

Porsche Design is even developing time pieces exclusively available to the owners of Heritage Design vehicles. The timepieces will be unique and corresponding to the Heritage vehicle they have, featuring Porsche-like chronographs and vintage patterns.

With the Heritage design concept, Porsche reminds customers that with constant advancement, they will not forget their roots.

Date Posted: July 3, 2019