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718 Model Overview

What is it that makes the 718 models so special? Their performance, their handling, their design and the generous amount of space afforded by two luggage compartments. Above all: a mid-engine layout that makes all this possible in the first place. Could have, should have, would have. Life’s too short for ‘what ifs’. Too short for unfulfilled daydreams. The 718 Boxster makes a clear statement: let’s go!

718 Cayman       

718 Cayman

The 718 Cayman lets its actions do the talking. Sporty actions, of course. As a corner-devouring coupe, it follows a line of its own far removed from fashion trends and four-lane arterials. In the town certainly. On the racetrack definitely. But always for the sport of it.”

It interprets the 718 legend by embracing the concept of freedom characteristics of a pure-bred roadster: plenty of twists and turns, plenty of headwind, and plenty of adrenaline. In short, a direct and open driving experience. Ideal pre-requisites, then, for the most exciting workout of all: life itself.


718 Cayman GTS       

718 GTS

The new 718 GTS models are never satisfied. They always crave more. More heart pounding from the start. More corners per kilometre. And more adrenaline with every metre. With an uprated mid-mounted engine and a chassis unfazed by any hairpin turn. Their power follows an upward path, their design looks forwards: with sharpened forms, honed lines, exquisite materials.

The new 718 GTS models also display a clear-cut attitude: baring their teeth, proving their bite. And never losing their hunger.



718 Gallery

718 Gallery


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