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The Porsche Centre Edmonton Team

Tim Satanove

Tim Satanove | Vice President

Tim worked his way through the ranks over 15+ years as a salesman, business manager, sales manager, general sales manager, general manager, and now vice president. Fueled by a true passion for automotive retail and customer service, Tim’s success can be attributed to an unequaled work ethic and a knack for building teams that carry out his vision.


Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Riley Scribner

Riley Scribner | General Manager

Riley has been in the automotive industry for 10 years. He’s worked in a variety of positions, including Internet Sales, Finance and has experience selling both old and new vehicles. He also holds a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from the Northwood University of Florida. His education and experience in all areas of the automotive business as given him a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to make a dealership excel. As General Manager, Riley wants your experience with Porsche Centre Edmonton to exceed all expectations and is happy to help in any way he can.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Brad  Muller

Brad Muller | General Sales Manager

Brad started in the automotive business in 2000 after receiving a degree in automotive marketing and business administration. He has held many positions in his career and brings a multitude of experience to the Porsche brand.  Brad wants to ensure that your experience with Porsche Centre Edmonton will exceed your expectations while delivering you the car of your dreams.

Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Glenn Cook, RSE

Glenn Cook, RSE | Fixed Operations Manager

Glenn has been in the automotive industry for 14 years and fulfilled a lifelong dream in 2012 when he joined the Porsche Centre Edmonton team. His work is a true testament to his love for the brand. He believes there is nothing better than working with some of the most beautiful sports cars in the world. He’s especially excited to see the 911 evolve over the next 10 years as it’s one of his favorite vehicles and holds a special place in his heart.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Joshua Couch

Joshua Couch | Sales Executive & Internet Sales Manager

With an impressive history in the luxury automotive business and a passion for everything Porsche Josh is your guy. Are you looking at a vehicle online that you would like more information on? Joshua will go above and beyond to send you an in-depth personalized video walk-around of any inventory vehicle, ensure your purchasing/ownership experience is as perfect as possible, and build trust in referring your friends and family to Porsche Centre Edmonton.


Phone: 780.231.2849 • Email:

Mark Gummer

Mark Gummer | Online Sales Executive

Mark brings a straightforward and easy approach to purchasing a new vehicle. He values your time as an asset and listens to your needs, and simplifies the process for you to ensure that you make an informed decision that makes you feel happy. As a part of the Internet Sales Team, he strives to provide a convenient and easy experience to shop with us and to exceed all expectations with Porsche Centre Edmonton.

Phone: 780.982.4670 • Email:

Randy Miyagishima

Randy Miyagishima | Certified Porsche Brand Manager

Randy has worked for Porsche in Edmonton for over 32 years. During his tenure with Porsche, he’s had the pleasure of visiting both factories in Germany, as well as the very exclusive Weissach Research and Development Centre. Randy has owned 10 Porsches over the course of his career and has an unparalleled knowledge of, and passion for, the brand. He would be happy to answer any questions or book a test drive for you. Contact him by phone or email.

Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Christian Gersdorff

Christian Gersdorff | Certified Sales Professional/Licensed Technician

Christian has been with Porsche since 2005 and has been in the automotive business officially since 1989. He has always loved cars and began working on them before he got out of school, working with his dad at the family owned gas station and garage. He started as an apprentice technician and achieved his Interprovincial Red Seal at NAIT which enabled him to work as an automotive technician for many years. He then moved into a job as a service advisor for Audi and ultimately for Porsche until he found his true calling selling the cars that he loves with Porsche Centre Edmonton. He is a devoted Porsche fan and has been the dealer liaison to the Porsche Club in Edmonton since he started with the dealership. He also has the proud honor of selling the very first 918 Spyder in Canada. His interests apart from Porsche and taking his 911 Turbo to the racetrack are bodybuilding, travelling the world, and he is a huge animal lover and raises money for the local animal shelter S.C.A.R.S. every Christmas as well as volunteers with a couple of the local charities that raise money through some of the car clubs in Edmonton. He welcomes you to come in and see him for your Porsche needs, whether it be to look at a vehicle, advise on your car or just to talk shop, his door is always open!


Phone: 780.484.3016 • Email:

Phil Nessner-Wierenga

Phil Nessner-Wierenga | Certified Sales Professional

Phil has worked with Porsche Centre Edmonton since 2009 and has over 10 years of automotive experience. With a strong passion for the brand and in-depth product knowledge he will help create a fun and enjoyable Porsche experience for you. He has very good personal knowledge of the cars as well and has owned 5 Porsches over the course of his career. You can reach Phil easily via phone or email and he will be happy to help you out with any of your Porsche questions.

Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Mike Tennese

Mike Tennese | Certified Sales Professional

Mike has worked in the automotive industry for 8 years and has experience in both parts and service. He joined the Porsche brand in 2013 where he worked as the Aftersales Manager of Porsche Centre Winnipeg. His career soon led him to the amazing team at Porsche Centre Edmonton where he’s been pursuing his passion for the brand ever since. Last year Mike purchased a Porsche 997 C2S which he drives year round. (Yes, he’s that guy driving a 911 around in the winter. It can be done!) One day he hopes to upgrade to a 911 GT3 or a Cayman GT4. Mike will do everything in his power to make sure your Porsche service experience is second to none.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Emily Rusk

Emily Rusk | Delivery Specialist & Sales Assistant

Phone: 780.240.2850 • Email:

Ashley Hilton

Ashley Hilton | Receptionist Manager / Executive Assistant

With eight years of experience as a concierge Ashley thrives being the face of a reputable and world class brand. Her experience allows her to thrive in a customer service-based industry with personable skills and welcoming demeanor. Always making sure our guests’ needs are top priority, Ashley ensures folks feel welcome and are taken care of as soon as they enter the showroom.

Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Mark  Mullin

Mark Mullin | Parts Advisor

Mark grew up a life long Porsche fan. The first time he saw a neighbour’s brand new white ’87 911 Turbo he knew he had to be a part of the brand. From that day on he lined his walls with posters of 928’s, 944’s, and 911’s. After a lengthy career as a vehicle technician in the Army, he moved into the parts side of things and spent the next 11 years with BMW. Having owned a couple of classic Porsches that once hung on his wall as a kid, the transition to Service Advisor at Porsche Centre Edmonton was a natural move. He currently enjoys polishing and driving his ’84 911 with his wife and 2 little Porsche obsessed boys.

Phone: 780.426.3000 Ext. 36402 • Email:

Joe Bejcar

Joe Bejcar | RSE : Journeyman Parts Advisor

Joe has been in the parts industry for 15 years working with various brands. Joe carries both his Journeyman certificate as well as the Red Seal Endorsement. A genuine, conscientious enthusiast Joe ensures everything which can be done is done when taking care of Guests’ needs, with attention to every small detail he is a perfect fit for Porsche. Joe was fortunate to attend the Panamera model launch and the car has exceeded his expectations of the Porsche brand. 

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Dave Idzan

Dave Idzan | Parts Manager

Dave has been in the automotive industry for over 20 years, 12 of which have been spent working with Porsche. His name has become synonymous with the brand and his devotion and unparalleled knowledge recently earned him the title of Porsche Parts Manager. He is an integral part of the Porsche Centre Edmonton Family and is always happy to put his expertise to work.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Shannon  Herle

Shannon Herle | Business Manager

Maya Jaber | Business Manager

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Preet  Johal

Preet Johal | Business Manager

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Nic Digiuseppe | Business Manager


Tom Buchanan | Business Manager


Edward Keegan, RSE

Edward Keegan, RSE | Journeyman Parts Advisor

Ed has been in the automotive industry since 2007. He began his career in the aftermarket import car market as a Warehouse Supervisor. Five years later, he took a position with Go Auto’s Reconditioning Centre working at the parts counter. He’s been with JLRP since Sept. 2015 and just recently completed his Red Seal Journeyman certification for Parts Technician.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Alexandra Dopson | Service Advisor

Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Raff Langit

Raff Langit | Service Advisor

Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Ryan Magyar

Ryan Magyar | Detail Manager

Ryan has been with Porsche Centre Edmonton for the last 8 years. His enjoys detailing vehicles and is fascinated by Porsche's illustrious racing heritage. Porsche Centre Edmonton has been a perfect fit for Ryan. He has been to Germany where he toured the Porsche museum and was even able to lap the Nurburgring on two separate occasions. He strives for perfection and enjoys bringing a smile to his customers’ faces when they get their cars back from having been detailed. His favorite Porsche is the 911 GT3 RS and hopes to one day own one of his own.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Kali Hill | Junior Service Advisor

Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Rhianon Barrett

Rhianon Barrett | Service Coordinator

Phone: 780.800.7618 • Email:

Jon Bennett

Jon Bennett | Porsche Technician

Jon began working for Porsche in 1993 in a small specialty shop in Calgary. It’s during this time he discovered a deep respect for the brand and purchased his first Porsche. In 1997, Jon became a Porsche Premier Technician. He then went on to further his training, officially gaining his Meister Technician designation just a few months later. In early 1999, Jon suffered a hand injury which put his Porsche career on hold for a few years, however his desire to work with cars hands-on never waned. In 2002, after taking some time to pursue other automobile-related interests, Jon returned to Edmonton and joined the team at Porsche Centre Edmonton. He now holds the highest level of certification you can achieve as a technician (Gold Meister). He is also trained and experienced on Porsche's most exclusive vehicles, including the Carrera GT and 918 Spyder.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Gord Neufeld

Gord Neufeld | Porsche Technician

Gord Neufeld has been an automotive technician since 1989. He spent the first 11 years of his career working in various independent shops in order to gain a wide range of skills. In 2000, he decided to join the automotive industry at the dealership level. His entire career has been devoted to European vehicles, which gives him an unparalleled level of expertise when dealing specifically with the Porsche brand.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Stephen Dickson

Stephen Dickson | Porsche Technician

Stephen Dickson has been with Porsche Centre Edmonton for the last 11 years. He’s a highly skilled technician who started as an Apprentice and has now worked his way to being Gold certified. Stephen’s passion for Luxury cars drives him to attain the very highest of standards, on every single vehicle he is charged with maintaining, his attention to detail is why he perfect for Porsche Centre Edmonton. 

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Daniel S Buck

Daniel S Buck | Porsche Technician

Starting his career at a Volkswagen dealership in small town New Brunswick, Daniel has been a dealer level technician since his apprenticeship starting in 2000.Moving to Edmonton in 2005 led him to joining Norden Volkswagen.In 2007 he ventured away seeking new experiences, spending a few years working with Mercedes-benz.After re-joining Norden in 2014, this time with Porsche, the brand quickly became a passion. 

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Richard Quinn

Richard Quinn | Porsche Technician

Richard has been in the automotive industry for eleven years, six of which have been with the Porsche Centre of Edmonton. He completed his Porsche Factory Training in Ontario CA, Easton PA and Atlanta GA and ultimately achieved the highest level of certification that Porsche has to offer. As a Gold Certified Technician at Porsche Centre Edmonton, he strives to provide the best quality of service possible.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Jordan Pergentile

Jordan Pergentile | Apprentice Porsche Technician

Jordan is one of Porsche Centre Edmonton’s Apprentice Technicians. He has been with the dealership for a just over a year and is learning from some of the most experienced, knowledgeable Porsche Technicians the brand has to offer. He’s continually expanding his expertise and we look forward to seeing where his career will take him. His favorite Porsche? A white on black Porsche 911 Turbo S.

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email:

Kirk Gormley | Parts Advisor

Phone: 780.426.3000 • Email: